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About Teeana Cotangco (TEE)

I would love to share my yoga practice with like-minded people who share similar experiences to me, whether that be as a retired collegiate athlete, trying to figure out how to stay active, or as an Filipino-American child of immigrants, longing for a sense of community in adulthood. I have a strong passion for making connections and aspire to share my practice and journey in an inclusive and approachable way by teaching in community spaces ( either physically or virtually). 


Inclusivity & Accessibility

Initially I fell in love with yoga not only because of the community, but also because of the mind, body, connection. Yoga has taught me to appreciate the fact that each individual has their own unique practice and is going through their own journey through life, and to never compare.


I recently had a life altering knee surgery in February of 2022 and have slowly been re-gaining muscle and learning to move with care. Throughout my teaching journey, I’ve been learning about common injuries and the importance of incorporating injury prevention and rehabilitation into daily life and yoga practice. I offer modifications, hands-on adjustments, and options that cater to any level of yoga experience. 

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