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Rose Candle

Rose Candle



this  rose candle is made of 100% beeswax and coconut oil -- beeswax candles burn cleanly (soot free) and pull toxins and negative ions from the air.


~3.5 inches in diameter and ~1.5 inches tall, depending on the environment it will provide 0.5 - 1hr of scented vibes.


    Each candle is made by hand with 100% beeswax and coconut oil (to provide an even burn). The colorways are unique and specifically selected to match the scent. 


    If your candle got messed up in transit or if you are unsatisfied with the product, feel free to contact me via email or DM on Instagram (@txxvnv) with any concerns! 


    Shipping times vary depending on your location. Packaged in a bubble wrap envelope & will be shipped ASAP using USPS First Class or Priority Shipping to ensure a safe & speedy delivery.